Relink me.

Come on baby we ain't gonna live forever
Let me show you all the things tht we could do
You know you wanna be together
And I wanna spend the night with you
So come with me tonight
We could make the night last forever.

Whee Mel &I have decided to switch to Multiply tgt!
Her Blogspot's still in use,
mine kinda isn't? Not gnna post here anymore for awhile I guess.

BYE old blog it was nice knowing you <3

5:01 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?


When I went for my run; photos I took along the roadside while going back.
My dream condo. Don't you think the name's so exec and tai-tai? ^^

Redid my nails. Finally.
From this...
To this.
Dinner with mom at the Pizza Hut in Centre point.
Waited for her at the taxi stand...
And her ice cream. Cute!
Decorations on the ceiling.

And this sign!!! HAHAHAHA
Are you naughty or nice?^^Okay. I'm so tired and my calves ache cause I forgot to stretch. I'm going to bed. Night(:

11:55 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?

Sigh, I think that song Please Remember by Leann Rimes is so sadd. In Coyote Ugly, Violet just lost her love and her job and she's singing tht song. Awww):
Anyway, jogged to Orchard from my house today. Accomplishment!(: Okay lar, it's not really tht far. (Now I'm just bragging.) Pictures up laterr. The jog back was kind of disrupted cause I kept stopping to photograph flowers and things. Playing with different things on the cam. So I walked. (:

Please remember
How we laughed, how we cried
How this world was yours and mine
How no dream was out of reach
I stood by you, you stood by me
We took each day and made it shine
We wrote our names across the sky
We ran so fast, we ran so free
I had you, you had me
Please remember.

So sad lar the whole song's in past tense ):

12:42 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?


So this morning I was supposed to go to school early to pass Yang Lao Shi my PPR. But I woke up at 1050 am. When she sent me a msg "wo3 hai2 mei2 shou1 dao4 ni3 de4 PPR". So I got ready and went down. Like halfway Mel called and asked if I wanted to lunch with Mel Chong & Yijun. Then like when I reached the opposite bus stop it was raining, but not tht heavily. Then as I got down and walked a bit, the rain started getting heavier, I swear. The sudden downpour forced me to sprint to the shelter of the school foyer. Then Manprit's dad gave us a lift to the bus stop. (:
Lunch at Queensway. Then went to Mel's house to wait for her to shower and I watched part of Bring it On: All or Nothing. Then we bus-ed to town and I went to get my shoes. And oh, er we went to Specialists and then er Plaza Sing macs. Then she cabbed home.

Finally someone texted me firsst. But then tht idiot ps-ed me on sms as usual. Pfft.


6:33 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?


Church today.

Who could that be?
Hahaha me in Eddie's SJI zip-up.
My hair looks dyed doesn't it? Well it's the lighting.
Drummer. (:

4:26 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?


Nothing much today, cg at Annie's house.
Jane&I <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1520/413/1600/DSC00560.jpg">Haha. My hair is like majorly screwed. But whatever (:
Dinner with mom.

Things t do before I die:

1. Skydiving OR bungee jumping at least once,
2. Annoy Edmund with Jane(:
3. Splurge on stupid things
4. Try a new hairstyle
5. Tell a certain teacher what a ****ing ****er she is to her face
6. And then kick her in the groin if tht works
7. Fly just one last time
8. Take two of those electrical irons, shout "CLEAR!" and punch someone's(who's perfectly fine) chest with them
9. Read Tuesdays with Morrie again
10. Do the guitar smash, I've always wanted to try tht
11. Go on tv like tht guy from lifebeforedeath.org.sg. Ok just kidding.
12. Dress like a nun
13. And go around with a big bible in hand shouting "Repent! And thou shalt be saved!"
14. Buy something I can't afford
15. Tell someone I'm sorry.
16. Walk (or run) from my house to orchard, something I've never done in the six coming seven years I've stayed here.
17. Go for plastic surgery so I'll be pretty for my funeral (the braces HAVE to go.)
18. Have a video call
19. Kidnap a really cute kid like Hongjin (hahahaha. Kidding!)
20. Play a drum solo. :]

What would you do if you had 24 hours left to live?

Post Script:

Hey, Mom? If you're reading this, I want my braces off if I die, k? I mean, it won't matter if my teeth go apart in my coffin right? I wanna look pretty for all 24 hrs or however long my funeral is. And oh, I don't really care where I'm buried. Or if I even am buried. I'm easy(: And oh mom? Maybe being cremated is good. And oh, hope its not too much to ask but could you bury me with my Gap hoodie and my drumsticks and phone and teddy and one or two or ten crucifixes and a piece of toast and a photo of how I look? Like now? For identification purposes, I swear.

8:28 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?


I just love being able to upload photos!
Lunch after school today at Tiong with Mel, Jane, Jane's mom & mr cutie.(: His name's Hongzhan.
We went to the video store after this and he promptly went to nearly every video he could reach, pointed at it and said, "Ghost."
Even the one of Too Fast Too Furious.
So I was like, "No no, Hongjin, that's car. Vroom vroom."
Awww. Baby talk just creeps into your vocabulary when you're around him. (:

And just after the lesson..
Ms Chan was like, "Hey Sarah comere, have I given you the.. uh, red envelope?"
Me: "Eh, no man. What red envelope huh huh huh?" Okay not the last 3 words ^^
Ms Chan: "BOYS STOP PLAYING. Er, oh I need to give you something." *rummages in bag*
"Guess it's in the office."
Then in the office...
Ms Chan produces a red envelope. "Here you go."
Me: "Hmm, what's this?"

Me: "WTF"
Playing with the macro function in the ava room.(:
(Charmaine thought I was taking photos of certain somebodies sitting in front of us.)

3:18 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?


And some older photos(:

Karen &I; flyers! On the night of Strikeforce dinner 3/9

Wet prints ahahaha(:

Karen& I, random photos again

Complete angels (:


From a certain thoughtful someone.

In loving memory of

I'm in shape.
Round's a shape.
Haha got tht from a cushion I saw.

GAP hoodies: Mel&I!

11:39 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?

Today, to town with Lynette (: Here're the photos.
In Molecule!

And Minibits.

In some random shop called Diva. Ignore the orange lines.

Carl's Junior! OMG the burger. After so long eating there, it's nice to know I can still be amazed by the size of the burger. : D

Check out the last photo man. The look on her face is priceless. Positively orgasmic. Hahaha(: Anyway, we watched a movie! Step Up. It was really good, I recommend it for dancers. CHANNING TATUM anyway alot of eyecandy in the movie. (:

11:20 PM;

Suga suga, how you get so fly?


. strikeforcer!
. cheerleader: flyer
. christian
. harvester
. 120891

thin is beautiful(?).
Love-Hate Relationship
with High Heels.



to walk by God's side; always.
and you.

a drumset
iRiver H10 Triple Platinum
a nokia with a bloody memory card
you know, it would be so romantic to receive blue roses from some guy everytime i see him.(:
a perm.
dark coloured cargos; SnK/BUM?
new jeans
plain, brightly coloured sports bras
ooh! glitter mascara(:
loreal's panoramic curl black mascara
shu uemura eyelash curler
hiphuggers from victoria's secret
Victoria's Secret PINK collection racerbacks
VS Signature Graphic Print Sleepshirt from victoria's secret

The Devil wears Prada; Lauren Weisberger [S$16.95
The autobiography of Paris Hilton; Paris Hilton


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